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The different roles

Management of your fleet of screens, and above all, effective communication on this fleet requires 3 missions to be carried out properly. These 3 missions are usually performed by 3 different roles. Note that these roles can be combined. Defining these 3 key roles at the beginning of the project is necessary to ensure the project goes ahead in the best conditions.

Fleet Manager
The fleet manager is responsible for ensuring that the fleet is operational and functional. In other words, ensuring the screens are connected to the network and to the Cenareo platform, that they are switched on and are broadcasting. They are the administrator for all the screens.

Content Planner
The Content Planner is responsible for broadcasting content. They create content and schedule it on operational screens. They are an administrator of all the content and can interrupt a broadcast if necessary.

User administrator
The user administrator is responsible for ensuring governance among communicators. They assign screens to users with the correct rights level, add new users and remove old users.