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Screen access rights

To act on screens, users must have rights to them. Different levels of rights allow different actions on the screens. The rights levels are: 
  • Broadcaster
    They can broadcast content on the screen.
  • Manager
    They can broad content on the screen and can change the screen settings (name, orientation, WiFi network, etc.).
  • Administrator
    They can broadcast content on the screen, can change the screen settings (name, orientation, WiFi network, etc.) and can share it with other users.


The broadcaster can create campaigns on this screen as well as dynamic feeds. They also have access to the screen’s broadcast statistics. 
They cannot change the screen settings. 


The manager, can, in addition to what the broadcaster can do, configure a screen, in particular technical information, on and off times, network settings, the name, etc. 

It is recommended that you assign this level of rights to users located on the screen site (as then they can intervene and change the network settings if necessary).


The administrator of a screen, in addition to what they can do as a manager, can share a screen with other users. Sharing a screen with a user is the same as giving the user the broadcaster, manager or administrator rights to this screen. If the user did not have any rights to the screen, sharing the screen automatically gives the user the “broadcaster” right. This action is only possible within a pre-defined user circle. 

Managing rights (for a user)

The user rights set-up page allows you to set a user’s rights:
  • Viewing the list of screens in a group directly from this page (buttons 1 and 4)
  • Removing the rights to the group of screens from this user (button 2) 
  • Giving rights (broadcaster or owner) to this group to this user (button 2) 
  • Giving rights to one or more screens to this user (button 5) and view the current rights (button 6) 
Access the page by clicking on your profile then “User rights” and finally on the icon (on the right, see image).

Filtrer les écrans d'un ou plusieurs groupes

Depuis le tableau des groupes d'écrans, vous pouvez filtrer les écrans de ce groupe :
1. Cochez la case du groupe ou des groupes concernés (image 1)
2. Dans le menu déroulant "Actions", cliquez sur "Filtrer les écrans par groupe"
3. Défilez vers le bas vers le second tableau "Droits sur les écrans pour x groupe(s) d'écrans". Les écrans affichés sont ceux du groupe ou des groupes sélectionnés. (image 2)
4. Cochez tout ou partie des écrans pour attribuer des droits à l'utilisateur avec l'aide du menu déroulant "Actions"
5. Pour revenir à l'ensemble des écrans, cliquez sur le bouton "Retour à l'ensemble des écrans"