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Configuring a campaign

Campaigns are the central elements of the Cenareo platform. Campaigns are what govern what will be broadcast on the screens.
A campaign is the association of one or more content elements on one or more screens with a particular context (times, periods, frequencies, etc.)

Naming a campaign

Most of the time, campaign management is collaborative and requires a clear naming convention for the campaigns to ensure clear understanding. 
This name will be displayed on the list of campaigns, on the screen page, in the broadcast statistics, etc. 

Configuring a sound campaign

If the content you send allows it, and your offer allows it, you can enable sound broadcasting. To do this, check the “Sound enabled” box on the campaign page. 

⚠️ It is also necessary to check the physical screen configuration.

Target the broadcast

Choose the screens on which the selected content will be broadcast. The Groups section allows you to select multiple screens at once and to be more efficient.