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View of active/inactive screens

Cenareo allows screens to be set to an Active/Inactive “Status”. This status allows easier management of the screens. Making a screen inactive removes it from the usual management tables (useful for setting aside a screen being serviced, not deployed, in a refurbishment area, or in storage). The management table then only displays those screens used on a daily basis.

Scheduling an activation date

For maximum efficiency, schedule a date to automatically activate your screens so that they automatically reappear in your management tables (e.g. on completing a project or after scheduled maintenance, etc.).

Activate and Deactivate a screen.

To activate a screen, go to the screen page and click on “Activate the screen”. To deactivate it, click on the “Settings” button (below the image), then "Edit information", and at the very bottom, uncheck the “Activated” box before Confirming.