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With the Cenareo solution, you can schedule and broadcast content to a screen or tablet with an Android version (>5.0) operating system, and be operational in a few moments without needing any other equipment. 

  • Cenareo is available on an Android screen directly from the Play Store.
    • Enter “Cenareo Play” on the Google Play Store or use this link and install the application.
  • Where your screen does not implement the Play Store, you can also install the application directly from an APK file (download link) and install it manually (see your screen manual for instructions on how to do this).

Obtain a pairing code

When you first start up the application, the screen provides this unique 8-character identification code, which allows you to link your Android screen to a screen on the Cenareo platform.  Write the code down, because you will need it in the next step. 

Registering the Screen on the Cenareo Platform

  • Log in to your space and go to the pairing page
  • Select the screen you want to pair in the list (only available screens are displayed)
  • Enter the code displayed on the screen to confirm the pairing
  • Confirm

Connect your screen to our platform

You can then restart the screen.

A loading time is required (which may take several minutes) before the screen is operational during which time your screen will display the message “Loading in progress...”.

If you have already scheduled content, the content will be displayed.

Otherwise, a new message on the screen indicates that no content is displayed: this means that the screen is properly registered and you can log in to to start scheduling content.