Check the compatibility of the screen

Installation of our Cenareo application is fast and only takes a few minutes. To do so, you will need to connect to the internet to download the application and follow the steps below to make sure the application is working properly.

Before changing the current configuration, check that your screen model is compatible, for optimal performance, your system should be: 

Tizen version 4.0 or higher, SSSP 6.0.0

You can find this information on the Samsung Support site by specifying your screen model.

Set the screens to their default settings

  • Choose the screen language
Press “Menu” on the remote control then “Language” and we recommend you choose “English”.
  • Correct the time
If the screen is not at the right time, it may disrupt the application download. Press “Menu” on the remote control and select “System” then “Time” and update it.
  • Deactivate automatic source switching
Press “Menu”, select “System” then “Auto Source Switching". Set to the “Off” option to ensure that the screen remains on the player source and broadcasts its content when the screen is switched back on.
  •  Activate only the main source  
Press “Menu” on the remote control and select “System” and then “auto-commutation source settings”.

Switch the main source to active to ensure that on each start-up, the screen will start on the main source (which must be configured on the player source). 

  • Deactivate Magicinfo Lite 
Note: some screens also have an “Applications” menu.  
Press “Menu” on the remote control and choose “Applications”. Select “List Source” 
In List Source, select the source to which the player is connected.   
  • Deactivate ECO mode
Press “Menu” and select “System” then “ECO solution”. Set this option to “Off”.
Check the screen orientation
Press “Menu”, select “OnScreen Display” then “Display Orientation". Make sure the “OnScreen Orientation” and “Source Content Orientation” options are set to “Landscape”. This orientation configuration for your screens is managed by the Cenareo platform and can be changed on the screen page in your Cenareo space.
  • Check the screen format
Press “Menu” and select “Picture” and scroll down to find the “Picture Size Settings” option. Make sure that the size of your screen is set to “16:9 Standard”.
  • Configure automatic update
This option restarts the screen daily to update the Cenareo application. Use “Timers” which is found in the “Home” of your menu:
In the “Off Timer” sub-menu, set a timer to 4:00 every day of the week of the broadcast calendar to switch off the screen.
In the “On Timer” sub-menu, set a timer to 04:01 every day of the week in the broadcast calendar to switch the screen back on. Then choose in the “URL Launcher” source as predefined for the restart.

Note: The broadcast schedule is managed on the Cenareo platform through the screen being switched on and off.  

Connect the screen to the Network

Press “Menu”, select “Network” and go to the “Open Network Settings” section and choose the Wired and Wireless connection.

  • Wired connection (with an RJ45 cable). If the screen is connected by a cable, the screen will automatically connect in typical cases (a DHCP connection without a static IP address or proxy). You can go on to the next step.  NOTE: THE RJ45 CABLE MUST BE CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE SCREEN.
  • Wireless connection. In this case, enter the SSID and your password (case-sensitive, to check: please see the SSID displayed on your smartphone).

Option: Connect to the RM Server connection. Select “skip” to skip this step.

Install the Cenareo application

Check that the “MagicInfo” launcher is disabled to allow installation of an application with the “URL Launcher”:

  • press “Menu” on the remote control and select the “System” section,
  • then go to the “Play via” section, and
  • choose “Launch by URL”

Open the quick menu from the “Home” button on your remote control, then select “URL Launcher Settings”.

In this menu, select “Install Web App” to enter a URL link.

Enter “” and confirm by clicking on “Done”. Installation may take several minutes.

Once downloaded and installed, the application will launch. If this does not happen, you can navigate to “Applications” via the “Home” button and manually run the Cenareo application.

If your screen has already been pre-configured on our platform, you will see a 'loading' or 'no content’ message - in this case please go on to the 'Connecting to our platform' section, otherwise follow the steps below. 

Obtain a pairing code

When you first start up the application, the screen provides this unique 8-character identification code, which allows you to link your Android screen to a screen on the Cenareo platform.  Write the code down, because you will need it in the next step. 

Registering your screen on the Cenareo Platform

  • Log in to your space and go to the pairing page
  • Select the screen you want to pair in the list (only available screens are displayed)
  • Enter the code displayed on the screen to confirm the pairing
  • Confirm

Connect your screen to our platform

You can then restart the screen.

A loading time is required (which may take several minutes) before the screen is operational during which time your screen will display the message: “loading in progress”.

If you have already scheduled content, the content will be displayed,

otherwise, a new message on the screen indicates that no content is displayed: this means that the screen is properly registered and you can log in to to start scheduling content.