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Understanding screen groups

Understanding screen groups

This feature allows you to organize these screens. Screen organization is key for managing a large fleet. It can be useful for a fleet manager to separate screens by Country, Region, or Site, for example. A division according to process is also possible: to deploy/being deployed / maintenance, etc. are frequently used group names.

Above all, screen groups allow you to better target and manage broadcasting on screens. (Creating campaigns allows you to directly select screen groups).

Note that groups are “dynamic”: for an ABC group, which contains screens A, B, and C, if I then create a campaign by selecting the ABC group (and not the screens individually), in a month’s time, if I add a screen D to my screen group, this new screen will broadcast the campaign created for the group.

Therefore, it is clear that content management is simplified and that the way screen groups are organized is crucial to guarantee consistency in a group.

For example, having a group of “English - Landscape” screens for all the screens expecting content in English and in landscape mode allows the Content Planners to broadcast content to that group without worrying about the screens it contains and the Fleet manager to add the screens in the right format (and the right language) to the right group, without worrying about having to add content. Each person has their role and the process is clear.

see best practices.