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Using the APIs

We provide programming interfaces for users who need more control or the ability to connect other services to our platform. These are tools that allow other developers to improve the experience of Cenareo users and increase the platform’s capabilities. 
They can be used to build powerful integrations connected to our services.

For this purpose, Cenareo offers 2 interfaces: The Management API and the Statistics API

Authentication :

The recommended authentication methods to use our APIs are JWT and OAuth2 tokens. The authentication details are available in the Management API documentation:

Management API:

This interface allows developers to display content on their screens by managing their campaigns. 

Indeed, to display content on a screen with Cenareo, users must create campaigns: either from content loaded via this interface or regularly updated from a URL.

The protocol used for file transfer and CMS control is HTTPS

To view its documentation click here:

Statistics API:

This interface is read-only and allows developers to control what has been displayed as well as when and where. When a screen displays a campaign, it generates a display. The API can be used to browse displays per page or to obtain aggregations over a given period or for a set of screens. 

To view its documentation click here:

Limitations :
  • The APIs do not allow you to create content on the platform
  • The APIs do not allow you to manage dynamic flows